Big Data for Finance, is it necessary?

I never believed in big data for Finance departments; as that type of volume of data came from building data warehouses for web analytics in the past. Financial Accounting and Management information for reporting & analysis is mostly at monthly or sometimes… Lees meer

Business Intelligence

Data Science

maart 25, 2016 178

Hoe groot is ‘the next big thing’?

Wat als IoT gewoon een overkoepelende term zou zijn voor manieren om iets bruikbaars te maken uit machine-gegenereerde data?… Lees meer

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Intelligente Organisatie

maart 08, 2016 219

How To Build A Game-Changing Team For Your Business

Getting a successful business up and running is a key skill for entrepreneurs. Building a team that can take it to the next level… Lees meer

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